6 April 2017

Book For Mountain: A Journey to Become Facilitator of Volunteer

I've been 2 years(2014-2016) join the community of caring education named Book For Mountain (http://bookformountain.tumblr.com/). I became an educator and performed some role as a facilitator of volunteer teachers in School Mobile (Sekolah Berjalan) program held at least every week, teaching in the remote village around Yogyakarta. I campaigned the importance of Improving Children Reading Interests and I also coordinated the collection of books to create libraries in remote areas  Indonesia (Sawah Lunto, Sumatra and Bromo Mountain, East Java). We conducted VOLUNTOURISM event which has both activities: volunteering and tourism, live with local people while we also become a volunteer. Bring many books, live in with local people and build library there. 

I really enjoy and happy when I can invite my friends to concern with what I think really important. I really honored to be one of this community member because I can meet and getting inspired with these amazing young active people with their different ways of thinking, contributing, and prespective, their courage and idealism, met with people who have no limits, choose their own path to pursue their own dreams. I just realized that there is a great many wonderful things I needed to find out.

5 April 2017

Engineers Go Serving (Gerakan Teknik Mengabdi): An Oasis of DevelopmentEducation in the Rural Villages of Yogyakarta

I became a volunteer teacher for 2 seasons which mean for one year, two remote villages: Wunut and Ngampon village. Which is then I realized Wunut is one of tourism villages in Yogyakarta, though the access of the village is a long journey with up and down road, and we have to pass some hills to get there, but when we get there we will be provided with a beautiful landscape, natural atmosphere,  and kind-hearted villagers too. 

Almost every week I did teaching and getting along with children in there, helping the elders in villages, inspiring and getting motivated by a lot of children. Learn and play with the kids is so much fun. 

Sadly, there is only one school, elementary school and if kids want to continue their education is difficult because the higher school is too far. 

I taught kids in informal education, like what kind of basic character that human needed: helping the older, healthy living, washing hand in a good way, and so on. 

We also built one library there. I was happy and touching about the process of  this project because it was accidental ideas but we believe that we can make it real. Fortunately, only in one week we can collect many books and stationaries. I was so glad about this experience in my first year in college because I can prove that when we keep our good intentions and sincerity to make a better change and real impact on others people's life and then our body will change it into real actions, and unconsciously we also inspire others. 

I’ve never expected to anything, but it turns out the impact is bigger than I think. I really touchfull when the chief of villages give me a big thankful for what we did, he said: “Thanks for the volunteer teachers, now kids have a big confidence when they meet new people, and they are not afraid to do something new like competition, and you know Hanum, last week some of them become the winner of local competition which was held by local government, thank you for your kindness all this time.”

And it has became one of my happiest moment in my life so far :’)